Halaran's Knights

Chapter 7: Temple of Petra

Part 2

Having captured the Temple “dogwalker”, the party moved through the Temple. After the main hall, the Temple was divided in two sections. Through the western door, they found a dining hall, several mediation cells and the High Priestess’s quarters. The dining hall was unoccupied, but the meditation cells held three monks that attacked the party as soon as one of the doors was opened. One of the monks was captured.
The party found the High Priestess, Misha, in her quarters, also armed and ready to battle. Though the party had little trouble dealing with her. They added her to their pile of captured people, and while disarming her found an Amulet of Orcus (gold with rudy eyes) and a magical ring.
The party then went back to try the eastern door in the main hall. There was a Hall of Statues, containing numerous, very expensive, golden works of art dedicated to Petra. The party left these alone. Beyond that was a waiting room, where eight skeletons had been waiting for way too long. Valesca turned most of them, with only a few getting off shots from their short bows before the party smashed the skeletons to pieces one at a time. (Skeletons are vulnerable to bludgeoning weapons apparently).
Beyond the waiting room was a library and a reading room. A once exquisite book of Petra had been defaced horribly.


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