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Giants – Giants were the oldest known inhabitants of this region, but are not allowed as player characters.

Elves – The oldest known civilization on this continent is believed to be the elves, and they ruled throughout this area. They have been driven from most of their lands, primarily by humans, and Tuarhievel is their last remaining kingdom in the Aelvinwoode. The previous Queen of Tuarhievel allied with the Baron of Dhoesone, and their daughter is now the Baroness of Dhoesone and the half-sister of the current Prince of Tuarhievel. But there are still many elves that seek to destroy humans and they remaing a powerful influence on the court. Note that elves as a whole do not worship gods. Gods were brought to Cerilia primarily by humans, and worshipping their gods is viewed as an extreme example of favoring humans over elves. This is even true of druids.

Goblins – Goblins (common goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears are all considered one race in Cerilia) were civilized by elves long before humans arrived, though at the price of their freedom. The goblins eventually successfully rebelled, ending the golden age of elven civilization. The current Baroness of Dhoesone has mixed relations with the Goblin King of Thurazor. While random raids still occur, the two have made a trade agreement that not only allows humans to trade in Thurazor relatively safely, but a contingent of goblins serve the Baroness. Goblins ARE an allowed player character race. (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Bugbear).
Rules for Goblin PCs are at the end of the first Monster Manual.
Goblin 2 Dex, (2 Cha or 2 Int). Small size. +2 Stealth, +2 Thievery. +1 Reflex. Low-Light vision, Goblins Tactics (shift 1 square when missed by melee attack).
Hobgoblin +2 Con, (
2 Cha or 2 Str). +2 Athletics, +2 History. +2 bonus to iniatitive. Low-light vision. Hobgoblin Resilience (get an immediate saving throw).
Bugbear +2 Str, (
2 Dex or +2 Con). +2 Intimidate, +2 Stealth. Low-light vision. Predatory Eye (combat advantage +1d6 damage, encounter power). change: cannot use oversized weapons.

Dwarves – The dwarves developed their own civilization, but during the golden age of the elven civilization they were forced into their underground kingdoms to avoid being subjugated as the goblins were. This ancient history still colors elf and dwarven relations. Dwarves and Humans get along fairly well, in part because of their mutual problems with the elves. But there is no dwarven kingdom near Dhoeseon. The only traditional dwarven god is Moradin.

Humans – Humans arrived in Cerilia from their homeland in Anduria, fleeing a great evil god called Azrai. The elves intially welcomed the humans as allies against the goblins, but the humans chaffed at the restrictions and eventually fought for their own lands in the Aelvinwoode. The human tribes eventually formed the Anuirean Empire, with the Roeles first uniting the Anuireans, then leading to wars of conquest against the Rjurik and Khinasi. Dhoesone was the first Rjurik land conquered by the Empire. The other Rjurik jarls would sign a peace with a weary Empire that allowed them to join the Empire while still ruling their own lands under the Emperor. The last Emperor was killed fighting the Gorgon (the evil half-brother of the founder of the Empire) and the Empire split apart. Dhoesone struggles to survive so far from the heart of the Empire, surrounded by those the Empire fought to own this land.
Humans have several gods. Haelyn is the god of the Empire and Justice. His temple has been the strongest in Dhoesone, though it’s influence is slipping. Sarimie is the goddess of trade and luck and has been increasing from its base in Cariele. Sarimie (aka Sera) is the patron of the Brecht people, but with the increase importance of trade, her worship has spread to Anuire. Erik is the third of the commonly worshipped in Dhoesone, and is the god of nature. Erik is the patron of the Rjurik, though he is also worshipped by Anuireans with an affinity for the wild. Player characters can play be of either Anuirean or Rjurik background, with no game mechanics affected by the choice. (Vos, Brecht and Khinasi are other human ‘races’, but are very rare in Dhoesone.)

Halflings – The halflings are the most recent arrival to Dhoesone. Originally from the Shadow World, halflings came through portals between the two realms, fleeing someone they call the “Cold Rider”. Rather than claim their own lands, the halflings have been content to maintain small communities within larger, usually human, kingdoms. With no history in Cerilia, and appearing relativley harmless, the halflings are welcome in most places, though usually not with great respect. Halflings have adopted most human culture, including the human gods. If the halflings have ever had their own god/goddess is unknown.


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