Halaran's Knights

Chapter 3: Golden Grain Inn

The party entered the village and went to the closest Inn (it was late). The innkeeper was very welcomining, though the food was poorly prepared. The innkeeper claimed his cousin was the cook and was still learning the trade. Keith and Kelvin were offered the best room in the house and the finest wine available.
But the wine was drugged, Keith was soon out cold, barely making it back to the room. Kelvin resisted the drug, and was still awake when a secret door opened and was attacked. Drek was wary of the odd behavior of the villagers in the common room, and when Kelvin yelled for help, Drek was forced to fight his way up the stairs. Ursh, Thalaric and Valesca came out of their rooms and assisted Drek and Kelvin. The last assailant, Derek, ran out of the Inn. Thalaric briefly followed, but let him go rather than run off alone in the village after him.
The party rested at the Inn, and searched the rest of the Inn in the morning. A few locked doors were left alone, with a merchant from Glantri being the only person left in the Inn. He claimed to have no idea that anything had happened in the night.
The party found the village constable and reported the attack and deaths. The constable was accompanied by two well armed friends. The constable’s only concern seemed to be getting the party to leave the village, saying he would have to arrest them for murder if they stayed. The party agreed to leave.

Chapter 2: Ambush in the Hills

Not far from the village, the party came across a dead horse on the trail, still saddled. The party was suspicious and was not surprised by the goblins that attempted to ambush them. Several goblins were killed, and one was captured and interrogated, but the party didn’t get much information from the goblin other than that they were waiting for more humans to come along with gold.

Chapter 1: Threshold

Each of the party members received a summons from the Baron of Threshold. They actually met with his niece, Aleena. She appointed Kelvin to investigate the reports of missing and “changed” people in the village of Orlane, with the rest of the party deputized as well.
The party split up to investigate rumors of Orlane from people in Threshold.
1. A huge, many-headed creature has been stealing children at night.
2. People in Orlane are being altered, and the “changeling” can be recognized by fang marks in their throats.
3. A wizard from Alphatia has moved to the Moors and is working foul enchantments there.
The party then had the choice of path to Orlane, the longer, but safer route by roads (south to Kelvin and then back up north to Orlane) or to cross overland. The party went overland.


Ursh and Drek were hired by Gundren Rockseeker and his two brothers to guide a caravan to the mountains of Karameikos. Gundren had a map. Ursh and Drek were to meet the brothers at the village of Orlane, from which they would then follow the map to the mountains to the north west.
But the brothers were gone when Ursh and Drek arrived. Initially the villagers all claimed to have never seen the brothers, and Ursh and Drek searched along the road from Kelvin. Eventually a villager leaving the village claimed the dwarves had been in the village, but had then disappeared in the night.
Ursh and Drek reported the missing dwarves to a city guard captain in Threshold.


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