Halaran's Knights

Chapter 9: Invasion?

Resting after returning to the campsite in the woods, the party pondered what to do with the young girl, Finla. After rejecting taking her with them, or leaving her at the camp, they decided to try the hermit in the woods.
The hermit (Ranme is actually his name) quickly accepted Finla (and Finla accepted staying with the hermit). Ranme was no longer playing crazy/senile or whatever he was before. While recounting her story to Ranme, Thalaric heard something familiar in her story. A gem that was held by “the bad man” that tried to convert her to the cult. It sounded similar to the Eye of Traldar that he was seeking. Drek knew something of the story of the Eye of Traldar, mentioning that it was one of a set of three made long ago to seal a pact between the Traldar (Humans), Calarii (Elves) and dwarves (which clan of dwarves was unknown). The gems were to be a sign of the promise they each made to come to each others aid.
The hermit asked the party to investigate something new in the town.
Something new was a small army that had arrived in the night. They took over the currently abandoned Golden Grain Inn that the party was so familiar with. There was at least a company of 60 soldiers, with several horses. They were lead by several sergeants and a leiutenant Anders.
Kelvin discussed current events with the LT, which mostly amounted to somebody (or something) invading the Duchy of Halag (formerly the Black Eagle Barony). The 4th Division sent his company from the King’s Road Keep to reinforce Halag.
Several familar faces had joined the King’s Army. Derek, the former cult member, had been spotted by a sergeant, who claims to recognize him from a wanted poster as a deserter. Lt. Anders is concerned that his crimes are worse than just desertion, since they rarely bother with wanted posters for deserters. The two friends of the Constable had also joined the company, claiming to be members of the Army and wishing to join the fight. The party warned Anders that they suspected the two to be members of the cult.
The King’s Army company would be leaving in a few hours, they could not stay to deal with the cult. The party returned to the hermit to inform him of what they learned.


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