Halaran's Knights

Chapter 8: Under the Temple

Part 1

Having explored all the Temple (except the one door in the Dining Hall), the party turned to their captured. After the rest of the party moved the other captives and themeslves to the dining hall, Thalaric charmed the dogwalker, intending to learn the location of the cult headquarters outside of town. Instead, the dogwalker took him to a trapdoor in one of the medication cells, leading under the Temple. He was looking for reinforcements against the people invading the Temple. The druid would not let him head down and in trying to knock him out, the dogwalker fell down the ladder to his death.
Collecting the rest of the party, they headed under the Temple. They found roughly dug tunnels. A central chamber was used for torture, and there were two other exits. The party headed straight on, finding a pair of stone chambers. The first chamber had some arm chairs, a desk and a lot of trash. A secret door lead to the second chamber. A young girl was captive inside an iron cage, and some odd furniture and statutes. The girl’s name is Finla had been captured by Abramo, an “evil” man. As the party released her, they were heading back when they heard someone coming down the tunnel. The girl charged, threatening to kill him. It turned out to be Abramo, a cleric of the Temple and now a cult member.
After defeating Abarmo, the party left the Temple to take the Finla to their camp outside the village and rested.

Treasure: Jade Statue of a goat with a woman’s head (~5,000gp), Ring of Protection +1 (Misha’s ring), Chainmail +2 (Abramo’s armor), Amulet of Orcus (~1,000gp). 12gp, 14sp, 29cp from the chests in Abramo’s room.


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