Halaran's Knights

Chapter 4: Derek

The part left the village tracking the one attacker that got away, Derek. They found his camp not far from the village, and Derek attempted to flee. He did not get far before collapsing. He was seriously wounded. The party healed him and then interrogated him.
Derek says he was forced to join the cult. People are kidnapped, carried away several days to some secret hideout in the swamp, and then brought before the leader of the cult who then enchants them in to joining the cult. Derek resisted the enchantment, but after seeing a child resist the enchantment and then be carried away screaming, Derek went along with the cult pretending to be a “true follower”. Derek claims the constable, along with at least some people at the temple, are part of the cult. But mostly he stayed at the Inn, and the party already killed most of the cult members he knows.
He asked for some help in acquiring some treasure to help him move to the capital. He knew of a secret door (another one) in the inn that leads to rooms below the inn where there was a large ivory statue. The party eventually agreed to travel with him back to the Inn.
Derek led the party through the woods and across the bridge to the Inn. A fake torch rack opened the secret door, leading to a meeting room and another door, barred from this side. Past the second door was a ladder down.
Where there was a maze of tunnels. One central chamber had a large constrictor snake. Another room held the statue, and while breaking the statue in to smaller parts, the party was attacked by a pair of undead ghouls.
The party then took their treasure and left the village, where they parted ways with Derek.


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