Halaran's Knights

Chapter 1: Threshold

Each of the party members received a summons from the Baron of Threshold. They actually met with his niece, Aleena. She appointed Kelvin to investigate the reports of missing and “changed” people in the village of Orlane, with the rest of the party deputized as well.
The party split up to investigate rumors of Orlane from people in Threshold.
1. A huge, many-headed creature has been stealing children at night.
2. People in Orlane are being altered, and the “changeling” can be recognized by fang marks in their throats.
3. A wizard from Alphatia has moved to the Moors and is working foul enchantments there.
The party then had the choice of path to Orlane, the longer, but safer route by roads (south to Kelvin and then back up north to Orlane) or to cross overland. The party went overland.


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