Halaran’s Knights is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign set in the Kingdom of Karameikos, in the Known World of Mystara. The campaign will start in the town of Threshold, in the Barony of the same name. Baron Sherlane Halaran rules the Barony.


The Kingdom is primarily human, with elves (high and wood), dwarves, halflings and gnomes having significant communities. There is a tribe of half-orcs north of Karameikos, but there are no Tielflings or Dragonborn as races. Werecreatures are rumored to exist, and there are several tribes of Goblins and Orcs and other humanoids, collectively referred to as Beastmen and hated.

Human: Thyatian or Traladran, or New Karameikans (mixed blood)
Elves: Callarii (High), Vyalia (Wood), Chossum, Feadiel and Red Arrow are recent immigrants (also High Elves)
Dwarves: Stronghollow
Gnomes: Highforge
Halfings: Hin
Half-Orcs: Travarii


The humans are split in to two cultures, Thyatian and Traladaran. The Traladarans have lived in this land for centuries, and are the majority of humans. The primary basis of the culture is the shared stories of Halav, Petra and Zirchev in the Traladaran Golden Age that fought the Beastmen. But with Halav’s death, Traladaran split apart and fell in to a Dark Age.

Less than a century ago, the Thyatians invaded Traladara, making it a protectorate of their Empire. This was primarily seen as a defensive move to prevent Traladara from uniting and becoming a threat to the Empire. Thyatis had no interest in developing Traladara, so the Emperor, in A.C. 970, accepted an offer from a Thyatian Duke to trade his ancestral Duchy for Traladara, and autonomy.

The new Grand Duke of Karameikos renamed the land, and began building roads and putting down a rebellion by the Traladarans. The Grand Duke was relatively successful at building a new nation out of the people and the Grand Duchy grew prosperous. Civilization began to spread through the land.

Eight years ago the Empire of Thyatis went to war with its ancient enemy, Alphatia. Thyatis called on its ally Karameikos, and Karameikos refused. Karameikos was already involved in a war against the Master of Hule that had invaded Darokin. Karameikos declares itself the Kingdom of Karameikos.

Last year an army of halflings from the Five Shires invaded the western Karameikan Black Eagle Barony. Ruled by a cousin of the King, the Black Eagle had used his Barony for slavery, including raiding the neighboring Five Shires. The halflings finally had enough, and invaded. Evidence was found to finally convince the King of his cousin’s treachery and the Black Eagle Baron received no assistance from the King.

The year is now A.C (After crowning, the first Thyatian Emperor) 1012. King Stefan has renamed the capital city to Mirros, a Traladaran word for “hope.”

Halaran's Knights

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